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Repair a bicycle – create a lifetime of smiles

Bike Fun is a growing organization – we are 3 years old as a non profit and 7 years old as an entity. Our mission is to create more joyful bicycle riders in Middle Tennessee. We do this through classes, small group rides, one-on-one lessons, and workshops.

We have limited storage space – and don’t have a permanent, fixed location – so we try to be more discerning about the bikes that we’ll accept. Our current storage space is a board member’s garage and a 10X10 storage unit. We have a library of teaching bikes that get loaned out to students who don’t yet have a bicycle (or who are in that “in between” size and are still growing). (We have 45 bikes in our library – kids and adult sizes – & rely on at least half of them to be loaned out so we have a place to store all the rest!!)

Check out the listings below and let us know where you would be happiest! We are grateful to hear from wrenches who can help us further our mission here in Middle Tennessee.

Volunteer wrench opportunities

Bicycle Revival

For end of 2023, scheduling for November 4th with rain date of November 11th. The Bicycle Revival is designed to provide basic to intermediate repairs of bicycles (replacement of consumable parts like brake pads, brake cables, shift cables, tires, tubes; cleaning/lubricating chain/drivetrain; additional replacement parts like saddles, grips if we have spares; derailleur/brake adjustments). Afterwards, we will go on a group bike ride – with the bikes that were just fixed! This event happens in April/May or October/November, twice a year.

Individual bicycle repair (donated bikes) ** area of greatest need at the moment

We have several adult bicycles that are waiting for assessment and repair in order to give them to young adult/adult learn to ride students. These bikes can be assessed and repaired as you have time to do so. Bike Fun would supply all necessary parts, or provide you with a donation receipt if you have parts to use. We have a regular incoming stream of kids bikes, from 12″ to 24″ – single speed and geared.

Individual bicycle repair (teaching bikes)

We have a library of teaching bikes that we use to instruct students who don’t have a bike. Those bikes can then be loaned out to the student for home use after successfully learning how to ride. These bikes need basic adjustments and cleaning from time to time. Ideally, we would do an afternoon of adjustments/cleaning sometime in November or early December. This should become a twice a year activity.

Bicycle Festival

Scheduling for April 2024 – see our event listing for the 2023 festival. The Bike Maintenance tent was less “let me show you how to do this” and more “let me show you how this is done and do it for you”.

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