Second hand bike purchasing checklist of mechanics of the bicycle

Is That Secondhand Bike You Want to Buy Junk?

I ran across this page from Everyday Superpowers at some point in 2022 and was thrilled to find a concise, clearly written breakdown of what a buyer should know before they purchase a used bike. I’ve seen many people come into the shop with new bike excitement, only to be told that the bike they bought would require at least as much again in parts and labor cost to make it safe to ride.

I’ve edited this zine for a US-based audience and provide it here in hopes that it helps a buyer down the line!

B&W, 1 pages (printed both sides), letter sized paper (8 1/2 X 11).

Download the zine (version 1.20, PDF) and print it at 100% scale on 1 sheet of letter sized paper.
Folding instructions: videodiagram

Many thanks to Nikki Pugh for her excellent zine foundation!