Private Lessons

Private Instruction from Bike Fun

We schedule one-on-one and small group lessons all day on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The calendar here will typically have a rough outline of availability and activities, though specifics will usually be best sorted via direct contact.

We have a student enrollment form that you must fill out for each student. You will receive this link and password upon confirmation of scheduling.

Bike Fun strives to provide a compassionate, low-pressure learning environment. Each student is encouraged to work at their own pace – some students will pick up riding very quickly and others need more time.

Bike Fun was created to bring the joy of bicycle riding to people of all ages. We are a 501(c)(3) organization; our EIN is 85-0665799.

You can see Bike Fun weather and safety protocols here.

Read below for teaching methods, lesson fees, equipment needed:

Teaching Methods & Locations

  • For new riders: Bike Fun utilizes the balance bike method of learning to ride: putting the seat down so the student is flat-footed, taking both pedals off, working on balance and gliding, and then eventually adding 1 pedal and finally 2.
  • For continuing riders: We go over bicycle handling skills such as cornering, momentum, gears, and braking technique.
  • For intermediate/advanced riders: We cover stamina, basic bicycle maintenance and emergency repairs, hill climbing/gear ratios, and other deeper dives.
  • Bike Fun teaches all over the greater Nashville area – from southern Sumner to northern Williamson counties.

Equipment Needed for the Lesson: Bike

  • If you have a bike, we need to do an ABC Quick Check before the start. If the bike isn’t in good repair, we will charge 50% of the lesson cost but will be unable to conduct the lesson. Bike Fun does not repair bikes, so it’s a good idea to take the bike to a bike shop to make sure everything is in safe working order. During the busy shop season (spring-fall), turnaround time at shops is higher. Don’t wait to get the bike looked at if you know something isn’t working correctly!
  • Ideally, the student’s bike will have at least one hand brake. The hand brake needs to be in functional working order.
  • If you need a bike, Bike Fun has bicycles that can be used during the lesson for no additional charge. Bicycle availability will depend on rider size.

Equipment Needed for the Lesson: Helmet & Clothing

  • Helmets are required by TN state law for all individuals 16 and under. Every helmet sold in the USA is tested to the same safety standard, though some are more comfortable and ventilated than others. We will go over proper fit and adjustment before the lesson. Bike Fun has helmets for student use if needed.
  • Students should be wearing pants or shorts that aren’t too baggy and sturdy shoes. If it’s chilly, dress appropriately for the weather – layers and gloves are perfect. If it’s warm, shorts and sandals work fine (but no flip-flops – something that keeps the heel secure). If it’s sunny, sunglasses with help with solar glare.

Lesson Length & Fees

  • One-on-one lessons last for 1 hour and cost $60 an hour for 1 student, $90 an hour for 2 students taught simultaneously.
  • For younger students (under 7 years old) we can work for half an hour initially and see how tolerance and attention span are doing.
  • For multiple lessons or a series of lessons, especially for returning riders working through anxiety or trauma, fees can be reduced; we can discuss that at the time of the lesson.
  • Sliding scale fees are available based on household size and income.
  • Lesson slots often fill up in advance, so we can reserve lesson times in advance if multiple lessons are anticipated.
  • If you took an open enrollment small group class with Bike Fun or participated in an Adult Learn to Ride class with Walk Bike Nashville, you are offered a discounted rate for subsequent private lessons. Contact us for more information.
  • Visit our Rates page for more detailed information about our fees.