South Inglewood Bicycle Festival returns on April 27th

Join us at the South Inglewood Community Center for the second South Inglewood Bicycle Festival on Saturday, April 27th, from 1-4pm. We’re excited to be back with lots of returning participants & some new ones as well.

REBECCA STREET WILL BE CLOSED TO NON-RESIDENTIAL TRAFFIC. We’re turning it into a SLOW street so we can roll, stroll, chalk, walk, & play in the street. Ride your bike, walk, or take the bus & don’t worry about parking! If you do need a vehicle, parking is available on Moore, Ann, Branch, & Shinkle Sts as well as at Inglewood Elementary School.

Activities include:

  • Storytime ride for young riders
  • WeGo bus bike rack demos
  • Cargo bike demos & petting zoo
  • Bicycle & rider visibility station
  • SLOWEST bicycle race for ALL ages

See the webpage for the full list of activities & participants & tell your friends.

Bringing bike joy to Benton County

In 2024, Bike Fun expanded its service offerings to include refurbishment of donated bicycles. These bicycles will be brought back to life and returned to community use, either through donations to larger groups like schools and community centers or to individuals who participate in Bike Fun learn to ride programming. The first beneficiary of a larger set of Bike Fun donations is Holladay Elementary School in Holladay, Tenn. Read more about our donation here.

Upcoming Events

Welcome to Bike Fun

Bike Fun provides bicycle instruction for humans of all ages, sizes, and abilities. Get on the Bike Fun schedule for 2024!

Whether you are a beginning rider or a more seasoned one; someone who is new to Nashville or who has been here a while; or someone who is simply curious and enthralled by becoming your own engine, Bike Fun can help you with one-on-one instruction or group classes tailored to your needs. Let us guide you towards becoming a more skilled, passionate bike rider. With two wheels, you can go anywhere.