2023 Fall Mini Fundraiser Starts Now

Bike Fun is conducting a short, focused fundraising ask this fall so that we can cover most – if not all – of our operational expenses in 2024, such as

  • accounting software (critical for transparency and budgeting)
  • communications software (so we can let you know what’s happening with Bike Fun)
  • storage unit space (to provide a safe and unified home for our growing teaching library as well as for donated bicycles)
  • insurance (required by many of our community partner locations).

We have negotiated non profit rates for all applicable software services – which helps some, but doesn’t take into account organizational revenue, just size of database.

Our founder and board president, KJ Garner, has her birthday in October (SHOUT OUT TO LIBRA SEASON) – so consider this a birthday gift, both to her and to the legions of bicycle riders yet to be created in Middle Tennessee.

Visit www.nashvillebikefun.org/support for links to online payment options and subscription options.

Prefer to write a check? Make payable to Bike Fun and send to 1616 Comanche Run, Madison, TN 37115.

Help us to confidently roll into 2024 and provide accessible, encouraging bicycle education services for all ages throughout Middle Tennessee.

If you are unable to contribute financially at this time, our Support webpage gives an overview of other ways to advance our mission to create more joyful bicycle riders in Middle Tennessee.

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