Thank you!

A season to be grateful

Bike Fun is rounding out its third year of existence as a non-profit and we are humbled by your support. Whether it’s coming out on a ride, showing up to an event, or telling your friends & neighbors about us, YOU are the reason we can keep doing the work that we do. These donors are current as of December 27th, 2022. 

Our Patreon supporters in 2022.

Visit our Patreon page to support Bike Fun with a recurring, monthly donation. We post exclusive Patreon-supporter content there. Elese Daniel
KJ Garner
Baxter Rogers
Carey Rogers
Brennan Wills
Kathryn Withers

Our individual donors in 2022.

Visit Network for Good if you want to make a one-time donation to Bike Fun. We also accept checks made out to Bike Fun & sent to 1616 Comanche Run, Madison, TN 37115.

William Anderson
Virginia Barlett
Bill Beck
Rob Benshoof
Courtney Bisig
Suzanne Brown
Vicki Brown
Steve Burnett
Donna Campbell
Leah Cannon
Donna Chapman
Audrey Cline
Sara Covington
Sadie Cooper
Tosan Cunningham
Brooke Dominey
Deborah Dorsey
Maureen Drouin
Susan Drouin
David Eskind
Erin Evans
KJ Garner
Tracey George
Erin Gonzales
Airstream Goomdowski
Adrienne Grant
Marc Guthrie
Geoff Haisty
Charles Hankla
Karen Guss Harrison
Sheila Hawkins
Jennifer Hillen
John Hickman
Tom Hornby
Kathy Menchaca Isbister
Jamie Jacobson
Brigitte Rankin Justice
Jenny Kallista
Ashleigh Kendrot
Lisa Lancaster
Koby Langner
Mary Alicia Lyons
Jennifer Macdonald
Katherine McDonell
Megan Manly
Connie Matthews
Randy Miller
Karen Nash
Helen Neinast
Katy O’Brien
Dan Oldham
Olivia Olmsted
Rachel Owen
Lawson Patten
Carrie Jacobsohn Rocha
Carey Rogers
Lynnisse Roehrich-Patrick
Paul Russell
Jo Anne Sacks
Emil Salas & Meredith DiMenna
Amanda Sayles
Paul Schatzkin
LeAnn Sherman
Amy Sloop
Jennifer Stoloff
Leanne Swack Talley
Jason Swaggart
Erin Tolbert
Charlotte Walton
Andrew Wisniewski
Sandra Wills

Our in-kind donors in 2022.

We are thankful for donated bicycles, helmets, apparel, & bike maintenance supplies. Donated bicycles have gone on to have new lives as training bikes for learn-to-ride students & for demonstration & display of bicycle parts for student workshops. Bike maintenance supplies are distributed to students of our basic bicycle mechanics workshop. Helmets have been supplied to program participants who needed an upgrade.
Ted Brown
Amy Willoughby Bryant
Sadie Cooper
Wynn HB
Jenny Kallista
Corry Paul
Joey Tamboli
Marjorie Villaverde
Seth Wilson
Finish Line
Dumonde Tech
Trace Bikes

Our corporate donors in 2022.

These are businesses in Nashville which saw fit to support the mission of Bike Fun during 2022. Thank you!

8th & Roast
Nashville BCycle

Event Locations

Event Partners

Nashville Public Library – Bellevue branch
Nashville Public Library – Edmondson Pike branch
Nashville Public Library – Thompson Lane branch
Walk Bike Nashville
Nashville Freedom Schools
Friends of Shelby Park
Nashville BCycle
New Beginnings Center


Rob Benshoof
David Brassfield
Jeff Brousal
Will Burton
Andrew Monk
Carter Williams

Board of Directors

Jeff Brousal
Amy Willoughby Bryant
KJ Garner
Daniel Montalvo
Carey Rogers


KJ Garner
Ashleigh Wilson

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