New Year’s Revolutions

KJ on her first supported long distance bike ride, Cycle Zydeco, in 2014.

Coming into a new year there’s a lot of talk about “resolutions”. I prefer to talk about “revolutions”. Think about each pedal stroke as forward momentum towards a goal of being present, aware, & conscious of your awesome presence in this universe.

Sometimes, I find it difficult to carve out enough time for pleasure riding after handling programming, outreach, accounting, & more for this growing non profit. It’s a lot of work!

In 2023, we were able to hire 2 more part time instructors (thanks in large part to our fundraisers from 2022) & I started to be able to see a way to reclaim my time for riding.

My New Year’s Revolution is going to be to do at least 2 longer distance bike rides – some supported, some not – in parts of the Southeast. Multi-day excursions? Maybe! Longer than 100 miles? Perhaps! I haven’t figured it out yet but it’ll be fun to dream about, especially in these colder months in Tennessee.

Can Bike Fun help you or a friend with your New Year’s Revolutions? Let us know – & keep it rubber side down!

With gratitude,
KJ Garner
Founder & Board President
Bike Fun

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