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Meet Our Instructors: Henry Chaney

Thanks to our supporters, Bike Fun was able to hire two additional instructors in 2023, bringing our total to three. Bike Fun instructors work with new & returning riders of all ages & experience levels to create confidence in movement & joy at self-expression. We’re excited to introduce Henry Chaney to the Bike Fun community.

Henry teaches one-on-one lessons, small group classes, & is a group ride leader.

Read more about Henry below.

Henry Chaney

Henry Chaney serves as bike instructor with Bike Fun. Henry is a native of St. Louis, MO, where he found his love for bikes riding with family and friends around the city.

His passion lies in helping youth and young adults manage and transition in their life decisions.

Henry is a firm advocate for naps and individuals taking care of their well-being. He enjoys outdoor activities and having game nights with friends.

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