Shot of two bicycles on the back of a truck in the countryside. Photo by Grady Reese/istockphoto.

Bringing Your Bike with You – Let Us Count (and Compare) the Ways: In a Truck Bed

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Are you considering taking your bicycle with you on a trip? Whether that trip is to the next town over to check out some greenway trails or hundreds of miles away, there are multiple ways to bring your bike along with you. Let’s explore carrying it inside a truck bed.

Carrying Methods

2. Truck bed

Pros: Usually enough space to lay the bike down flat, can add truck bed tailgate flap or internal truck bed bike accessory
Cons: Without truck bed cover, exposed to weather; with multiple bikes, danger of damage to components if stacked poorly

Trucks really are do-it-all machines (except, maybe, if you have purchased a more recent model truck that has a bed that’s 2 feet long and poor visibility from the driver’s seat).

Bike accessory carriers for the inside of a truck bed will usually be a fork mounted style (where you remove the front wheel and clamp the bike’s fork into a holder). You can also rig up a rear wheel holder with a rear wheel mount bike stand.

There’s also the tried-and-true of laying the bike down on its side (drivetrain side up, please!). You can also hang the front wheel over the tailgate – manufacturers will sell tailgate size-specific pads (tailgate pads) that will help protect the paint from being scratched, or you can use a rubber mat or long blanket to similar effect.

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