An Ode to Sun Sleeves

There’s nothing special you need, clothing-wise, to ride a bike. In fact, in some cases, you don’t even need clothes. Before working around a lot of cycle-specific clothing, I wasn’t aware of the glory and the joy of sun sleeves.

Sun sleeves. It seems counterintuitive to wear a sleeve on your arm when it’s hot. Why not just wear sunscreen?

  • Sunscreen sweats off
  • Need to reapply sunscreen
  • Maybe don’t like the smell of sunscreen
  • Have to keep buying sunscreen when you run out
  • Have to remember to bring sunscreen with you

Are sun sleeves hot? Most of the time, no – they are generally made from sweat-wicking material and have UV protection even when wet. And – you can take them off when you reach your final destination.

Sunsleeves cost about $10 – 30 depending on the brand, technology involved, and time of year (off-season or post-season you can find some pretty good deals). They are worth your while for the amount of money you can save on not buying sunscreen all the time as well as for their reusability. And – they’re not just for riding bikes – you can wear them when out on a stroll or when you’re in the sun at any time.

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