Local Woman Goes for Bike Ride, Has a Good Time

Nashville, TN — On a warm Sunday evening in September, KJ Garner of Nashville, TN, went on a bike ride.

“I really just wanted to get out of the house and see my world from two wheels,” she said. “It wasn’t any kind of statement.”

Garner, 41, says that she tries to ride her bike a few times a week and will occasionally commute to work. “Riding in to work means I get to roll all sorts of ideas around in my head, and really get ready both mentally and physically before I start my work day.”

The bike ride took place in the Inglewood and East Nashville areas of Nashville. Garner returned to her house in Inglewood after traveling approximately 15 miles through the streets and bikeways of Nashville and the greenway of Shelby Bottoms.

Garner reports that she will be continuing to ride her bike as much as possible.


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  1. This is a great article, which captures just one of the many things going on around Nashville that many people ordinarily think about. I, for one, will now be thinking about this “bike riding” phenomenon every time I leave my house – particularly as I’m a bike instructor.

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