Serenity at Work via Two Wheels

Do you work out before work? Do you drive to the gym, try to find parking, get out of your car, try to find a machine, wonder if everyone else is looking at you, wait for another machine, go into the showers, get dressed, then get back in your car and back into traffic?

What if your pre-work workout consisted of this: getting on a bike and riding into work?

“But KJ,” you might say, “I live 15 miles from where I work.”

Admittedly, not all bike commuting is sustainable for the beginning bike commuter. And Nashville’s hills are particularly intimidating for a novice commuter.

Just think: you don’t have to go all in your first time. Why not consider a partial ‘mute?

A partial ‘mute – or half-mute – is where you take your bike by vehicle to a point just a bit closer to where you need to be. You’re still avoiding needing to find a parking space at work – a bonus if you work in downtown Nashville and have to pay for parking – and you arrive with your brain chemicals already active and moving around.

“But KJ,” you might say, “I live in an area where there’s no bike lanes or separated bike infrastructure.”

That’s an issue I’ll address in another entry. Suffice it to say, the more you ride, the more confidence you have. The more you ride, the more drivers will see you. The more you ride, the more you will see yourself.

Check out my list of commuting basics here!

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