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A few years ago, I was staying with friends in Durham, NC. I had brought my bike with me with the intent of riding on the American Tobacco Trail right near their house. I woke up on a Saturday morning, a little tired from the night before and anxious about the fullness of the day to come, and wondered aloud if I should go on a ride after all.

My friend Fraser looked at me, puzzled, and replied, “The answer is: always ride your bike.”

He was right. Riding a bike can help clear your mind, can boost your emotions, and can let you see things that you would never be able to see from inside a vehicle.

So I shook off the morning doldrums, filled a couple of water bottles, and got on my bike. I crossed over the interstate on a bridge built for the trail. I looked down at the people in cars – cars resembling the one I used to get from Nashville to Durham – and smiled.

We’re all in this together. There’s always more than one way to get around.

I climbed hills, I cruised past geese, I made it all the way to the Wake County line – powered only by my wheels and my legs.

It was a glorious feeling.

I returned back to my friends’ house after about 2 hours, mind swirling with excitement about the day to come. Anxiety had melted away, and focus had returned.

That, too, was a glorious feeling.

Bike Fun exists in Nashville to get people not only out of their cars and trucks, but to get them thinking about how they can get glorious with just two wheels and their legs to power them.

Come feel the glory with us!

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