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New Year, Fun You

Humans like structure. It’s why we have clocks for hours, calendars for days, and other incremental time measurement tools. Perhaps this is also why January is a popular time to set goals for ourselves – ostensibly to create a “better person” further down the calendar year. So that by this time next year, you can look back on your progress with satisfaction.

There’s a lot of snake oil floating around in the first few months of the new year regarding health, wellness, or fitness – physical as well as mental. For those interested in reaching out to learn more about bicycles and bike riding, I wanted to reiterate the overarching tenet of Bike Fun:


That’s it. That’s the whole message.

  • Can you have fun on a bicycle and achieve fitness goals? Sure!
  • Can you have fun on a bicycle and lose weight? Sure!
  • Can you have fun on a bicycle and develop better movement habits? Sure!

If your main goal with bicycle riding in 2022 is to have fun, you’re more than 90% of the way to achieving other bicycle hopes and dreams.

  • Because if it’s not fun, you won’t want to do it.
  • Because if it’s not fun, you’ll find excuses not to do it.
  • Because if it’s not fun, you will avoid it.

Make FUN one of your goals for 2022. Let Bike Fun help demystify the bicycle as machine, help build up your riding confidence, and get you rolling towards a lifetime of fun – no matter where you are in your lifespan. Our 2022 calendar of events will be updated with events, classes, or chances for one-on-one learning.

(Photo credit: image by Jess Foami from Pixabay.)

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