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Common Bike Riding Injuries

It’s important to know what you’re getting into when you ride a bicycle. We here at Bike Fun are committed to telling the whole story. What follows is a list of possible injuries you may encounter when riding a bike for any purpose – pleasure, transportation, or recreation.

Your face hurts from smiling too much.

This is a common injury among those who are rediscovering bike riding for the first time in a long time. Also commonly seen on those who ride bikes through their neighborhoods and communities on a regular basis.

Your muscles are sore from a feeling of accomplishment.

Here in Nashville, there are some rolling hills – and also some sharp, steep ones. The first few times you ride them, you might have to push your bike up and then coast down the other side. (As my friend Carey says, there’s no hill to small to walk up.) Eventually, though, you’ll be able to make it up the hill – possibly shaking your fist at it the entire way – and revel in the downhill. But make sure your joints are in good hands by checking your saddle height and bike size first.

Your elbow hurts from waving at all your friends.

If you’re a new or returning rider, you may not be comfortable letting go of the handlebars long enough to grab your water bottle from its cage or to scratch your nose or, indeed, to wave at the people you see along your ride. Eventually, your confidence will increase and your body-machine harmony will get in sync and you’ll find yourself shouting “HEY Y’ALL” to everyone you know.

Your butt is sore from being in the saddle all day.

Make sure you take a break during your ride – to get lunch, to enjoy the scenery, to take selfies, to contemplate the next part of your ride – and it will help alleviate potential butt soreness later. Your goal is to only have those who didn’t ride with you that day to be butt sore. However, if you feel any pain, numbness, or tingling – in any of the three touch points on the bike (hands, soft tissue, feet) – get off the bike and figure out the issue.

Your mouth hurts from talking about bikes all the time.

You love them. You can’t stop talking about them. Words like “derailleur” and “bottom bracket” and “standover height” roll off your tongue. Your friends are concerned, but show them no mind. Instead, invite them on a bike ride with you, and you’ll soon hear them saying things like, “When I ride I feel happy.”

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