Biking in Nashville Class Registration Opens December 3rd

Haven’t ridden in a while and want to get back up to speed? Been riding on greenways but want to make the leap to bike commuting or utility riding? Need to know the basics about keeping your wheels spinning? KJ Garner of Bike Fun will be leading a class on bike riding and maintenance basics through Nashville Community Education.

The three class sessions cost $40 and will be held on Tuesdays starting April 9th at the new Madison Community Center. The Madison Community Center is located at 550 N Dupont Ave, Madison, TN 37115.

We will go over Nashville and Tennessee bike law; what to wear and how to ride; and how to clean your drivetrain and fix a flat tire. Questions, conversation, and ideas are encouraged!

The mission of the Nashville Community Education Commission is to seek to enrich the diverse fabric of Nashville through personal and professional educational opportunities. Bike Fun is proud to be a part of the instructor team through NCE.

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