Why Use Bike Fun?

It’s true that there are lots of resources in Nashville to learn how to ride, to learn about Tennessee and Nashville bike law, and I completely encourage riders (and non-riders alike!) to take advantage of them.

Bike Fun is the only service in Nashville that provides you with one-on-one instruction, where you are, tailored to your needs. Bike Fun aims to fill the gaps where free or scheduled resources cannot meet a rider’s needs. Want to meet up after dark to do some night riding? I can do that. Need to start at 6AM in order to get to work on time? Let’s chat about our schedules.

Who Benefits from Bike Fun?

  • Beginning riders who need encouragement and understanding
  • Returning later-in-life riders who want a refresher on riding
  • Riders who want a better understanding of the mechanics of their bicycles
  • New riders who want to learn in the comfort of their driveway, or in their own neighborhood
  • Riders who prefer to have a 1:1 student to teacher ratio
  • Recent transplants to the Nashville area who want to explore the city on two wheels
  • Small groups of friends who want a personalized tour of Nashville on two wheels
  • Riders who want to gain confidence to ride year-round

How can you benefit from Bike Fun? Contact KJ to find out!

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