30 Days of Biking Starting Soon

Last year, I participated in 30 Days of Biking. I pledged to ride my bike every single day in April – whether it was for one block or one hundred miles. And you know what?

I did it.

Yes, some of those rides were just up the street and back. But I told my friends I was doing it, and they encouraged me and followed along on my adventures and were very supportive.

I found 30 Days of Biking to be immensely helpful in getting out of the wintertime slump I found myself in last year. I was looking forward to proving to myself that I could do it, not feeling like I had to be doing it.

Sometimes, recreational riders are too hard on themselves for not being able to get out and enjoy a bike ride – for whatever reason! The more you ride, the better you feel – but don’t allow arbitrary thoughts like “I’m a bad person for not riding today” get into your head. It’ll make you feel worse.

That’s what I loved about 30 Days of Biking – the challenge of doing it where I was (at work! in another state! on a borrowed bike!) and the feeling of success as we swung into May, and beautiful Tennessee bike riding days.

So, why not join me in the pledge? There’s still time to sign up!

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