Can’t Ride? Do This Instead, Part Two

I mentioned being off of my bike for 4 weeks in the last blog post, and I offered some suggestions of things you can do. I wasn’t done with my list – so, here are MORE SUGGESTIONS. (Of course, these are applicable even if you CAN ride!)

Recovering from an injury, and have some physical stamina?

  • Write a short piece about what you did on your favourite ride, and present it at the next storytelling event you have in your town
  • Find all your local and state bike riding laws and learn what they are. Locate trouble spots in your city or town and write to the Public Works or Department of Transportation and express your displeasure
  • Look for opportunities to encourage more diversity in the cycling world in your city
  • Inventory your tubes, lube, lights, clothing. Do you have extras or items you don’t use any more that are still serviceable? Find a bike co-op to which you can give them
  • Clean your bike! Get all up in the cassette teeth, clean behind the derailleur, be precise and check over every centimeter!
  • Does your town have a BPAC (bicycle pedestrian advocacy committee)? Go to their meetings and offer your input or volunteer your help

Even when you can’t ride, you can advocate and educate.

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