Night Riding: 100% Chance of Not Getting Sunburned

I love riding my bike at night.

For one, it’s cooler, especially in the summer months. Sure, there are some nights where it just feels like you are slicing through tepid air, but you’re making your own breeze and it’s only when you stop that you feel hot. Once summer months transition into fall, that’s when the true night riding delights begin; that first night time ride where you feel like you are embracing the air coming towards you instead of just pushing against it.

I have found that night riding in Nashville is pleasantly devoid of cars and other vehicles. Sure, there are still cars out on the main drags, but the back streets and the downtown office building core areas offer a chance for a bike rider to reclaim their public space.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of lights on your bike if you ride at night. At the very least you should have a front headlight and a rear taillight. If you want to expand beyond that, there’s plenty of options out there.

Riding at night to a social destination helps you avoid paying for and trying to find parking – just roll on up to where you’re going, find a secure spot to lock up, and meet your friends. It’s that easy.

If you’re not completely comfortable riding at night, Bike Fun is working on a night riding short demo for October and we’ll keep you informed of dates and times. Come join us!

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