Nashville Bike to Work Day 2015

This is Bike Fun. And it’s Big Fun.

Bike Fun is intended to promote self love through bike love. Bike Fun meets people where they are to provide basic skills in riding bikes around Nashville in order to

  1. Promote bike riding as transportation
  2. Reduce car traffic
  3. Participate in their community in an active, engaged manner

What does this mean for you, the novice bike rider – or experienced bike rider – in Nashville? Perhaps you’ve just moved down here from Chicago, a city well-known for its flat streets and bike infrastructure. Or maybe you’re a Nashville native who used to do neighborhood rides when you were a kid but haven’t been on a bike in a while. You could also be a student at one of Nashville’s esteemed colleges and universities, looking to save money on owning a car and wanting to get to school and work safely and quickly.

KJ on her 40th birthday, spending the whole day on a bike.
KJ on her 40th birthday, spending the whole day on a bike.

My name is KJ Garner, and I am the woman behind this venture. My goal is to get more saddles on the saddle and explore this booming city by bike.

Did you know it might actually take you less time to get to work if you rode a bike? For those who live within 5-10 miles of the workplace, bike commuting – with some advance preparation and route scouting – can be less stressful and more relaxing than being in a car. I can work with you on routes, dealing with traffic and hills, and how to ask your workplace to become more bike-friendly.

If you don’t live that close to work, don’t worry – you can still use a bike to run your errands if you live 2-5 miles from a grocery store! I can show you how to safely carry up to 100lbs with your bike using a combination of trailers, saddlebags, or backpacks.

Don’t have a bike yet? Looking at used bikes because you’re on a budget? I can help you with sizing, inspection, and general questions you might have about which bike is right for you.

Wondering what to wear? It all depends on what kind of riding you want to do – but generally speaking, you can wear items that are already in your closet. Let’s talk clothing!

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